No man trackwork

No Man Trackwork BV develops innovative solutions in the world of rail construction. From inventing and designing to developing concepts and manufacturing (autonomous) machines and devices for in, on and around the railway. We focus on solutions, improvements and innovations for the employee and the work processes in the rail construction world. In addition, we have a passion for sustainability and strive to develop all innovations as sustainable and green as possible.




With more than 20 years of experience in the various disciplines of the rail construction industry, nationally and internationally, we know the market. The world is changing and requires new solutions; from sustainable and efficient to manageable and innovative. The world of rail construction is no different. Governmental organisations encourage the rail contractor to work differently, but caring for and around the employee is also a challenge (think of shortage of staff, poor working conditions, absenteeism due to illness, etc.).




Our strength lies in thinking 'out-of-the-box', seeing and looking differently in combination with knowledge and expertise in the field of high-quality technology and robotization. We are driven innovators and love nothing more than creating something new. Converting groundbreaking concepts into reality from connection, that's what we aim for. With our fine network of partners and collaborations, we realize these innovative projects.



Is another solution needed for an existing problem?

Is it time for innovation?

Ready for a (technical) improvement process?

Or is there a question in the field of technical innovation in the rail construction industry?



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