TRACKBOT is the result of a collaboration between No Man Trackwork and AMT Group. Together we develop and produce innovative solutions for the rail construction world. We believe that the current working environment is changing and offer multipurpose machines that respond to this. Our passions lie in innovation, high-quality technology, robotization and sustainability. The combination of these passions created TRACKBOT.

No Man Trackwork has more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the rail construction industry. This gave rise to the idea of developing a multipurpose machine with the help of robotization. From idea to concept and the first tests, but more was needed. And more was found in AMT Group. AMT has been around for more than 25 years and with their Railroad division they develop unique machines for in, on and around the railway. They develop these machines together with the customer and are then built according to their wishes, requirements and the set laws and regulations. Want to know more about AMT? Go to

In addition, we have great collaborations with various organizations in the field of robots, vision and software development.